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Entry way

Here is the entrance to the apartment.

2x2 or 1x1 living room

Another angle of our large living room and access to the patio / balcony.

1-split living room

Here is the 1 split living room. On the other side of the door would be the efficiency.

Living room of a 2x2 or 1x1

Check out the amount of natural light flooding this living room! The large sliding door leads to your private balcony or patio.

1x1 or 2x2 bedroom

No slouch in size for sure! Here is the full bedroom in one shot.

2x2 or 1x1 view of the closet

Large closets for large wardrobes. There's plenty of space for most wardrobes!

Full view the 1x1 bedroom

This is a side profile view of the full bed, dresser, and arm chair featuring the large sliding window.

3 piece bath with updated vanity

This is the common bathroom of the 2 x 2 floor plan, 1 bedroom, and one-split. This bathroom recently had it's vanity updated. Finishing may vary.

Reading nook

What a great place to relax with a great book!

Large dining room table

Plenty of space for sizable tables. The added benefit of more counter space is also a plus many kitchens lack.

Dine-in kitchen

A look from the dine in kitchen to the living room.

Dine-in Kitchen

Fully equiped dine-in kitchen is ready for stove to table service in a flash! Our stoves are either electric or gas.

Dine-in kitchen

Stepping back a bit to see the kitchen completely. Take notice the dishwasher? We sure did!

2x2 Living room peak

Here is most of the living room of our 2x2. We tried to fit more into frame, but couldn't!

Couch view of the living room

The open floor plan allows easy movement for everyone.

Width of the efficiency or master

This represents the width of the master bedroom. Just to the right of the image is a hallway with the bathroom and private entrance.

Efficiency or master bed room

This is the master bedroom of a 2 x 2 with the door closed. This also represents an efficiency floor plan.


Here you can see your private entrance to your bedroom if you have roommates to avoid or if you live in our cozy efficiency.

3 piece bath with original vanity

This is the on-suite bathroom for the 2 x 2 and efficiency floor plans. Finishing may vary slightly.

Full bath efficiency or on-suite

Here a look from the bath tub of the efficiency or the on-suite bathroom. Finishings may vary slightly.


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2x2 or 1x1 view of the closet

Large closets for large wardrobes. There's plenty of space for most wardrobes!